Our phylosophy
Discover the exceptional atmosphere of country style!
Fairies once lived on Rye Island, the largest river island in all of Europe. The island, proud of its exceptional fauna, is also enriched today by golden yellow sunflowers, abundant waters and lush pastures. The Golden Garden, as Rye Island is called, is home to fairies, or Kukkonia, and is the sunniest and most productive region of Slovakia. Out of respect for our ancestors and their love for nature, the Kukkonia FARMHOUSE project was born in Orechová Potôn, where now an ancient fairytale world full of secrets has been revived.
This is our dreamed of self-sufficient farm, where the relationship between nature and man is of key importance. The delicious Rye Island cuisine is a part of our cultural heritage and was our motivation to master farming skills. We learned how to produce local ingredients ourselves, and the food on the plate here is a gift from nature.
Our seasonal cuisine works on the “farm to the table” principle. Because of our respect for nature, all ingredients come from our garden. We serve our guests dishes that we bring directly from our own farm – everything is fresh, unpackaged and sustainable. We only take as much as we need and take care to replenish the stock.
Pay us a visit and come to know this fairytale world! Experience real Rye Island hospitality! Follow the journey of our raw ingredients; cook with us and be part of truly exceptional events!
A piece of Kukkonia – Choose from Kukkonia’s favourite products! You’ll find what’s currently on offer at the reception. We are also happy to help you choose a wine from the Világi Winery.
Seasonality and regionality
Quality above all else
The Golden Garden that is Rye Island hides a thousand miracles and secrets. In ancient times, fairies with golden hair lived in this area, conjuring up abundance on the tables of Rye Island. Our ancestors learned to till the land and treated the gifts of the rivers and forests with respect. If they took something from nature, they always made sure to return it in some way. We follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, and in the spirit of responsible thinking, we return to the gifts of nature. There is only one way in our view: to live in harmony with nature, respect the environment and be proud of our traditions.
We have created a model economy where, along with preserving traditional values, we aspire for sustainable development and renewal. We raise domestic animals and poultry and grow the most delicious vegetables and fruits in our garden. The authentic farm is reminiscent of the old Rye Island.
Tour of the farm
We offer our accommodated guests a tour of the farm, which includes egg collection and the presentation of the farm’s favourite domestic animals. These include Matyi, our favourite steppe cattle, the sheep Borika, and the spiral-horned Racka sheep. Admire our rich harvest in the hotbeds and pick our herbs! You can get close to nature, too! Walk through the Golden Garden and enjoy the endless beauties of country life!
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Currently, our farm operates exclusively as an event venue.